In situ characterizations of the microstructural evolution of materials subjected to one or two ion beams are one of the characteristics of the JANNuS-SCALP platform.

Studies at the nanometric scale are carried out, at a given temperature, using the in situ Transmission Electron Microscope with one or two ion beams, coming from the IRMA ion implanter and/or the ARAMIS ion accelerator. This installation, unique in the world due to the diversity of the beams available (nature and energy of the ions), is located in the JANNuS-Orsay experimental hall.

The evolution of the damage induced by ion implantation in a single crystal is studied thanks to the coupling of IRMA and ARAMIS accelerators, making it possible to incorporate elements by ion implantation (up to 600°C), and analyze the evolution of the microstructure by in situ RBS/C.

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